Kwadwo Adae
Bendiciones De Pachamama/
Blessings of Pachamama
Exterior Latex & Acrylic Mural Wall
84 x 600 inches/2.13 x 15.24 meters
Blessings of Pachamama is the culmination of the Volcán Tungurahua Mural Project which would not have been possible without 91 generous supporters on Kickstarter, over 35 powerful and magical children from Fundación Arte Del Mundo, and approximately 15 volunteers from the community of all ages who helped us create this work of public art over a period of 14 days. It depicts the pre-Incan indigenous communities of the Otovaleño and Salasaka people who hold strongly to their culture. Thank you to José, Patrizio, Claudia, and Amy for sharing their faces and stories of their beautiful culture with us for this mural. The mural features Volcán Tungurahua on the left side and the cascading waterfalls of Rio Pastaza which flows through the mountains of these lands. On the right side is the face of earth mother Pachamama
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